Twitter, Facebook and Social Media… Oh my…


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media. Oh, my!

If you are familiar with the history of N0c0 (previously, it was just – an online, media company); you would know that its previous Twitter was in a state of randomness. Whether it was linked to a company that taught “survival preparedness” or “online web marketing” or so forth; it was just a mix and match, a hodgepodge of tomfoolery.

So far, we’re not on Instagram – well, at least yet. We’ve figured that we haven’t been to any iconic events or social scenes that would require for us to post pictures or videos. Unless you want to watch a video of us designing websites or to see “Who can build the bigger sandwich?” – we’ll leave this one alone for now.

For Twitter, we’ve started an entirely, brand-new account. The Twitter Handle is now known as @N0c0Technology, previously known as @n0c0forums. This gives us a fresh start, a clean look, and a way for your to see how we’re moving forward. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in any of the stuff that we used to follow or have followed us. It just means that we want to be geared towards what we’re doing in the present day and future events.

Facebook. Well, that’s the same ole, same ole. There’s nothing new on that Social Media platform minus the updates that we announce. Generally, we’ll post our articles, blog posts we follow, or ideas that we come up daily. This allows for us to get feedback from you; our client or future client in ways that we provide our services to the public.

We, thank you for supporting us at N0c0 Technologies and look forward to working with y’all in the future.

John Smith
Co-Founder, N0c0 Technologies

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